Resources: speed

These tools and resources can be downloaded and used through your Road Safety Week activities and communications, or other road safety work. Click on the resource, or the language where applicable, to open in a new window. Resources are English language unless otherwise stated - many have options in different languages alongside.

Resources are owned and/or copyrighted to the organisation stated, but may be used as provided, promoted and disseminated by others, for the purposes of promoting road safety. Resources may not be amended or rebranded without permission from the owner (except where and as expressly stated, such as filling in your Week’s date on the promotional poster with space for a date, or getting children to colour in a colour in poster).


Download and print these resources for display on noticeboards, in entrance halls, and anywhere your target audience will see them (where you have permission to display posters). They can also be used online.

Bnoneed ‘No need to speed’ poster by Brake: English - French - Spanish - Portuguese - Russian
Bslowerspeeds ‘Slower speeds = Happy people’ poster by Brake: English - French - Spanish - Portuguese - Russian
Btragedies 'No more tragedies' poster by Brake: 20mph versionEnglish - French - Spanish - Portuguese - Russian - 30km/h version: English - French - Spanish - Portuguese - Russian
Bpledge 'Pledge to save lives’, covering six key road safety topics including speed, poster by Brake: English - French - Spanish - Portuguese - Russian

’Don’t speed’ poster by Youth for Road Safety (YOURS): English – French – Spanish – Portuguese – Romanian


'Too late to slow down' poster, by WHO: English - French - Portuguese

Videos and adverts

You can play videos in workshops, presentations, lessons and assemblies to get across key road safety messages and stimulate discussion. You could also link to them from your website, email bulletin or on social media.

 VidDarren Darren’s story’. A UK firefighter speaks about traumatic crash scenes he has attended, video by Brake
 VidBrodie ‘Brodie’s story’. A young man, Richard, talks about his friend Brodie, who was killed by a speeding driver, video by Brake
 VidWHOspeed SPEED – be part of the solution’ video advert by WHO 
 VidThai ’Don’t speed’ video advert: Thai, with English subtitles 
 VidSpeedcan ‘Speed can slow you down’ video advert by Societe de l’assurance automobile Quebec: English and French text
 mess ‘The faster the speed, the bigger the mess’ video advert by the Department of Environment, Ireland 
 slow ‘Slow down’ video advert by THINK!, the UK Department for Transport’s road safety campaign

Other tools & resources

 Bpledgetool 'Brake Pledge', A tool to engage people in the workplace and community on six key road safety topics
 Interactivespeed ‘How well do you know stopping distances?’ interactive activity (in mph), by Brake
WHOinfospeed ’Speed: the facts’ on speed limits and speed reduction infographic (in km/h) by WHO

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