Community case study: Asociación Madres del Dolor

red flagAsociación Madres del Dolor, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a community association of mothers whose children have died violently. Founded in 2004, the association seeks effective justice for their children, offers assistance to victims of violence and their families, and works to protect human rights and the safety of Argentina’s citizens.

For the Third UN Global Road Safety Week in 2015, the Asociación chose to raise awareness about the importance of road safety by launching the Red Flag project in Argentina.

The Red Flag project, originally devised in the Philippines, seeks to make streets safer for children with hearing impairments. Children are encouraged to walk together along thoroughfares and raise red flags to signal to drivers that they are about to cross. The project is designed to give the children more confidence in crossing the road, raise driver awareness about road safety among people who are hearing impaired, and create an atmosphere of mutual respect between people on foot and people in cars.

The Asociación coordinated a national media campaign to promote the Red Flag project and explain the significance of the red flags. During a one-day event in May, it worked with hearing-impaired children and their teachers from the San Isidro district to raise driver awareness. The Asociación invited the district mayor and members of the media to the event. It provided the children with red flags, which the children raised to ask drivers to slow down and stop so that they could cross the road safely. As the children crossed the road, the Asociacion handed out leaflets to drivers, explaining the purpose of the campaign.

The event was covered by local Buenos Aires news station SMNoticias – you can see the news report (in Spanish) here.

Asociación Madres del Dolor ran their first Red Flag day on 8 May 2015, the anniversary of the death of Kevin Sedano, who was killed in a road crash in 2002. The Asociación wishes to extend the Red Flag project to the whole of Buenos Aires, and to provinces across the country, to improve road safety among hearing-impaired children.

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